Success in the New Retirement

Success in the New Retirement

February 12th and 19th

6:00 pm

Mesa Community College - Red Mountain Campus

February 18th and 25th

6:00 pm

Glendale Community College


$29 - $49


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The rules for a retiring generation of baby boomers have changed. Discover how those changes can affect you as you prepare for a prosperous retirement.


The Changing Landscape of Retirement

  • Financial issues facing the Social Security program
  • Possible changes to the program and how it can impact you
  • Potential issues that could impact your pension   
  • Protections in place to guard your pension


Estate & Long-Term Care Planning

  • The probate process and how to avoid it
  • Wills vs. trusts
  • The other recommended necessary legal documents
  • Protecting your assets from taxes and spend-down requirements
  • How a long-term care event may affect your retirement
  • Medicaid spend-down rules
  • Alternatives to help pay for long-term care

Your Money and the New Retirement

  • Emotions and investing
  • Different types of securities and annuities
  • How to accumulate money effectively in retirement accounts
  • Investing at different stages of life and how to avoid common pitfalls
  • The impact of losses on your portfolio and the keys to protecting your money
  • Average vs. actual returns and how it can impact your retirement accounts


Maximizing Your Resources

  • Social Security maximization strategies
  • Lump sum vs. monthly payouts from your pension
  • How to generate income efficiently during retirement
  • How to build a financial plan to last as long as you do
  • Understand the impact of fees on your investments
  • How rising taxes may impact your retirement and how to keep more of your money
  • How to identify the fees you are paying and strategies to lower them

Protecting Against Market Loss

  • The impact of a dramatic market loss in retirement
  • Is “buy and hold” appropriate in retirement?
  • How to guard your assets from stock market volatility
  • Why “asset allocation” alone may not be enough
  • Learn why your 401(k) and IRA might be losing value
  • Risk vs. return and how to determine the appropriate risk level for your accounts


Meet Your Instructors

Damon Roberts | Founder

Damon Roberts is the Director of Arizona Operations for the Foundation for Financial Education, one of the largest and fastest growing 501(c)(3) nonprofits in the country. In 2001, he founded Acute Wealth Advisors with the goal of helping individuals find answers and prepare for and enjoy their retirement years. Damon is very experienced in creating solutions that encompass tax optimization, estate management, and Social Security maximization. His articles have appeared on Fox Business,,, and He also hosts a radio show in the Phoenix area and has been interviewed on FOX News Live and Fortune Knowledge Group.

Matt Deaton | Partner

Matt Deaton has experience in management, marketing, and customer relations. He graduated summa cum laude from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in finance and later returned to earn a Master of Business Administration.

Upcoming Courses

February 12th and 19th

Mesa Community College - Red Mountain Campus
6:00 pm

February 18th and 25th

Glendale Community College
6:00 pm

February 27th and March 5th

Paradise Valley Community College
6:00 pm


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